Ember Espresso

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Flavors to expect: Chocolate, Caramel, Smooth Body, Hints of Dark Fruits

Our Ember Espresso Blend was crafted with the intention of making as smooth and sweet of a coffee as we could manage. This blend is comprised of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Honduran coffees, all of which contribute pleasant flavors to the cup. The Brazilian coffee brings great chocolate notes and a full, deep flavor. The Honduran coffee brings great sweetness and smooth body, making it an extremely smooth cup. The Ethiopian brings some fruity notes and berry-sweetness, adding some liveliness to the cup.

This coffee is meant to be a multi-purpose daily drinker with an emphasis on quality as espresso. The intent was to craft a blend that, when brewed as espresso, was perfectly smooth and sweet, classic in flavor, and left no bitterness or astringency. While certainly great as regular, brewed coffee, this espresso companion is meant to be pleasant and smooth espresso-focused coffee, be it just as straight espresso or as the base of a milk drink.

We roast the Ember Espresso blend to 422F (as read on our roaster), making this a blend that is on the lighter-side of a medium roast.