Costa Rica Tarrazu Honey - Jaguar Special

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Flavors to expect: Honey, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa, Roasted Almond, Tropical Fruits

Processing Method: Honey

Cup Notes: The Costa Rica Tarrazu Honey is truly a gem in the coffee world. Honey is a processing method that originated in Costa Rica and spread to many other countries in Central America. The honey processing method seeks to find the best of a washed coffee’s clarity and a natural coffee’s sweetness. The reason for the name “honey” is simple: honey processed coffees taste like you poured honey over them.

Pair this honey processing method with Costa Rica’s naturally complex coffees, and you have a cup of coffee that truly shines. Further, this comes from San Diego mill in Costa Rica, which is known for their striving to ever increase their efficiency, sustainability, and quality, making them truly a pleasure to work with.

This coffee has a heavy, roasted cocoa and caramel body. But these flavors, when brewed properly, do not lead to any bitterness. Rather, they are accented by a very full mouthfeel with undercurrents of the honeyed-sweetness you expect from honey processed coffees. As the cup cools, you will notice tropical fruit notes coming forward with a roasted almond aftertaste. This coffee is a unique, high-grade spin on classic flavors, making it something that truly shines on its own.

Varietals: Caturra; Catuai

Altitude: 1200-1750 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL)