Heritage Series.

The Heritage Series is a line of coffees designed around the Christian mission of providing the Scriptures to those who do not have it. Every time someone buys a bag from the Heritage series, we will use parts of the proceeds to buy a physical copy of the Bible. Then, we give these Bibles to our partners in need of such Bibles, such as church youth groups, missionaries, outreach organizations, local events, etc. The primary goal is to provide Bibles to our local community as well as to those going out across the globe. So, when you receive a bag from the Heritage series, you can rest assured that a Bible is making its way to one of our partners who can get it in the hands of those in need. This series of coffees is the passion project of Bryce, your roaster. If this is not something you would like to partake in, that is entirely understandable, and I would encourage you to check out our other lines of coffees. Participation in this mission is entirely optional, and dictated solely by if you purchase from this line of coffees. Currently, anything outside of the Heritage Series is not part of this Bible sending campaign. Thank you for your support!