Apostle's Blend: Heritage Series Dark Roast

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The Heritage Campaign: Every Bag Sold is a Bible Sent

Roast Level: Approaching Dark

Flavors to expect: Milk & Dark Chocolate, Pleasant Roastiness, Fruity Afternotes, Full Body.


About this Blend: The Apostle's blend is built on four coffees from Ethiopia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Sumatra. We wanted to take top-end beans from all over the world and craft an exceptional cup that is truly unique. We sought to create something that is quite difficult to accomplish: a complex and balanced dark roast. Often with dark roasts the only flavors that come through are chocolate and roasted notes. Yet, by balancing the brighter and bolder beans in this roast, we have a blend that carries dark notes extremely well while still maintaining the integrity of those more exotic flavors. If you like a fuller mouthfeel and bolder flavor that maintains the complexity, this is the blend for you.

About the Heritage Series: This bag of coffee is from our Heritage series, which is a line of coffees designed around the Christian mission of providing the Scriptures to those who do not have it. Every time someone buys a bag from the Heritage series, we will use parts of the proceeds to buy a physical copy of the Bible. Then, we give these Bibles to our partners in need of such Bibles, such as church youth groups, missionaries, outreach organizations, local events, etc. The primary goal is to provide Bibles to our local community as well as to those going out across the globe. So, when you receive a bag from the Heritage series, you can rest assured that a Bible is making its way to one of our partners who can get it in the hands of those in need. This series of coffees is the passion project of Bryce, your roaster. If this is not something you would like to partake in, that is entirely understandable, and I would encourage you to check out our other lines of coffees. Thank you for your support!

Back when Myth & Ember first opened, a simple suggestion from family led to an idea that could not be shaken: give back to the community with the bags we sell. And so, we designed the Blends of the Earth blend to be an uncompromisingly good coffee that we use the proceeds from to buy a Bible for our community or for missionaries.