Mocha Java Blend

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Flavors to expect: Full Body, Tropical Fruits, Dark Chocolate, Powdered Sugar

Mocha Java is perhaps the most “classic” coffee blend we know of. A Mocha is a Northern Africa coffee, and a Java is an Indonesian coffee. This blend started as traders would exchange coffees from these two regions as part of their trade routes.

Indonesian coffees are known for their full body, earthy notes, and incredible sweetness. Meanwhile, Northern African coffees are known for their bright acidity, punchy flavors, and incredible complexity. In this instance, opposites don’t just attract—they make the other side shine. The balance between the bright complexity of the Mocha and the dark earthiness of the Java creates a very pleasant cup with layered flavors, incredible sweetness, and phenomenal mouthfeel.

There’s a reason why Mocha Java blends have been around so long. They’re a staple of the coffee world, and absolutely worth a try.