Honeybee Blend (Bulk Purchase)

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This product is for churches & coffee shops only, and is not available for retail customers. Any retail orders of this product will be rejected.

This subscription will automatically reorder your coffee every two weeks on Fridays, and the coffee will be roasted and sent out the following Monday. If "one-time purchase" is selected, it will only be ordered once and roasted on the following Monday.

This product is considered "bulk," and may be chosen as Whole Bean or Ground. A minimum of 3lbs of coffee is required per order.

The "quantity" is the amount of pounds of coffee you would like. So, if you would like to have 5lbs of coffee sent to you, please input a quantity of "5." The minimum order is a quantity of 3lbs.

For large orders of this coffee (i.e. 10lbs or more on average), please reach out for wholesale pricing.