Coffee of the Month.

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Get deliciousness delivered to your door every month!

The Coffee of the Month can be any coffee in our heirloom selection (except a decaf). Let us do the choosing, roasting, ordering, and shipping. All you need to do is enjoy the deliciousness.
Flavors to Expect: Roaster's Choice.
Coffee to Expect: Any of our Heirloom Collection.

Please note: Weekly Subscriptions will also be chosen at random, and may not be the same for each week of the month.

Details on how our subscription service works:

Any multiple quantity of this order should be expected to be the same kind of coffee. We do not "mix & match" bags for individual orders that have quantities of a single subscription greater than one, except for promotional events or unique cases.

The Coffee of the Month is a monthly continuity program that takes the hassle out ordering coffee. With this program, you'll get coffee sent to your door on the first week of each month, taking the hassle out of ordering coffee and keeping your morning mugs full. After placing your order, we will ship your coffee in the first ten days or less of the following month. Due to the seasonal nature of coffee, we cannot guarantee a specific coffee on a month-to-month basis. Further, we do not guarantee that this subscription will yield a coffee of higher or lower value than the purchase price of the subscription, but instead are seeking to be honest with the pricing and give what we think is a good deal with the price tag across multiple orders.

Each subscription is on the same cycle. When your order is initially placed, you will be charged immediately and your coffee will ship at the start of the following month. From then on, you will be charged at the end of the month, and your order will ship at the start of the next month. We aim to have all of our subscriptions shipped within the first few days of the month, but this can occasionally shift a bit if there are holidays or high demand. This subscription has a minimum of 3 orders before cancellation. The price for all of our coffees, including our subscriptions, are subject to change.