The Myth & Ember Way.

The Myth & Ember Way is simply an idea that is entrenched in honest conduct and excellence in all that is done. This is not a claim to perfection by any means, but instead a commitment to an attitude. We embrace the ideal that if there is to be excellence brought about in the world, then excellence must be found at every level of a cause. We cannot skimp on the small things and expect the big things to work out.

You can always expect coffee that is roasted with excellence from us, and if you ever have questions, we want to be excellent in working with you. We desire to provide the best coffee in the world and conduct ourselves honestly while we do so. The goal is not to be a great business, but a great vessel for social change. Myth & Ember is about people working with people, not customers working with companies.

Excellence in our coffee leads us to be able to work with amazing coffee suppliers. Because of this, we are able to buy fantastic coffees at an honest wage, which provides good lives for the farmers we source from. We refuse to act out of bad faith towards our farmers, as this would be against our morals.

Anyone we partner with must be on the same page as these morals. Though people may not call it the same thing, we simply will not partner with anyone who does not believe in excellence at all levels and truthful conduct with people. Again, our standard is not perfection, but people who desire to conduct themselves with excellence of character and excellence in what they make.

So, while The Myth & Ember Way may be simply an idea, it is also a commitment and a promise. We will do what we can to be excellent and honest. This means excellence and honesty in the coffee we roast, the people we work with, the coffee we source, and the impact we seek to have on the world. This also means a humble view of ourselves, recognizing that we are not perfect, and seeking reconciliation when needed. This is about truth and grace, being of the right attitude in what we do and of honest composure in how we interact and respond.

We hope that you too will seek to have such guiding principles in life and are willing to join us as we seek to make a difference in our community. We ask for your support, prayers, and grace as we work to better ourselves as people, as a roastery, and as a vessel for change within our community.