Our Cause.

In short...

Myth & Ember was built with the faith-based mission of helping the downtrodden find mentorship and guidance and supporting true community leaders who will stand in the fray, champion truth, and extend a helping hand to those in need.

A bit more about that...

Many years ago, I was convicted with a vision. In this vision, I saw a coffee shop that stood in the gaps of society and was built around social change. This shop would disciple its employees to become true leaders of their communities and was built upon the principle of outreach to the downtrodden.

My goal is to make Myth & Ember that shop. For many years, I have been convinced that in order to change the world, we need two things: people who fix themselves before criticizing the world, and people who are willing to extend help instead of simply blaming others for the world’s problems. Right now, our social climate is full of finger pointing and shouting matches, which just seems to make the divide between people even larger. We need true humility in leadership, and a desire to help others, even when they have wronged us.

Our shop is aiming to pair up with local non-profits and ministries that focus on two things: helping the downtrodden stand again, and helping people grow into true community leaders.

We believe that one of the greatest things a person can have in life is a mentor. Community leaders are essential to community growth. But unfortunately, having a mentor and role model seems to be an anomaly. Without someone who believes in you and pours into you, it is so difficult to have hope and strive for the good. And so, one thing we strive to do is partner with those who will help the downtrodden find mentorship and leadership, as this is perhaps the best thing that can happen for a person.

Along with helping the downtrodden find a mentor, we believe that in order to change the social climate and have people willing to mentor others, we need great community leaders. So, we are going to pair up with programs that focus on the training up of people who will look inward first, and then help their community at large. Such programs could be The Forge, which is an 8-month discipleship program located in Tyler, Texas.

I truly believe that giving back to the community is part of my mission in life, and to not integrate this with Myth & Ember would be to miss the whole reason I am here. I hope that you too share this sentiment and are willing to partner with us as we seek to partner with others to make a difference in our community.