Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the best way to order coffee?

To order, simply go to our website and order from there. We tend to put all of our coffees on the front page for you to select from, or you can click the “Our Coffees.” tab at the top of the page. We try to make this as easy as possible, and accept most forms of payment.


I ordered the wrong thing/something came in wrong. What should I do?

Please send us an email over at or contact us at our Facebook page, @mythandembercoffee. We would love to remedy any errors! Good coffee is meant to be enjoyed, and we want this to be a pleasant experience for you.


Can I pick up my coffee in person?

Yes, absolutely! Any order marked as "local pickup" in checkout will be held at the Myth & Ember Coffee House, located at 212 E Marshall in Van Alstyne, TX (where we roast all of our coffees). Skip the shipping charge by picking up in person, and say hi to your roaster while you're there!


What coffee should I order?

It’s hard for us to recommend a coffee since every person is different! The Honeybee Blend was designed to be our most “all around” blend, and is our best seller. If you are not sure what you would like, then that is a great place to start. Once you get a feel for what flavors you like, I encourage you to peruse the listings and take note of the “flavors to expect.”


Can I order coffee over the phone or email?

Unless you are hoping to do a bulk order (5 or more pounds at a time), then all orders must be directed through the website or purchased at the Myth & Ember Coffee House. We are not setup to do manual orders, but instead have made it as easy as possible to order from our website.