Custom Blends & Wholesaling

This page is meant to showcase some of our premiere blends for wholesaling, as well as discuss options for creating a custom blend for your occasion. If you have any further questions, please direct them to or contact Bryce via text message at 903-819-8409. Thank you!

Signature Blends

Ember Espresso

Flavors to expect: Chocolate, Caramel, Smooth Body, Hints of Dark Fruits

Our Ember Espresso Blend was crafted with the intention of making as smooth and sweet of a coffee as we could manage. This blend is comprised of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Honduran coffees, all of which contribute pleasant flavors to the cup. The Brazilian coffee brings great chocolate notes and a full, deep flavor. The Honduran coffee brings great sweetness and smooth body, making it an extremely smooth cup. The Ethiopian brings some fruity notes and berry-sweetness, adding some liveliness to the cup.

This coffee is meant to be a multi-purpose daily drinker with an emphasis on quality as espresso. The intent was to craft a blend that, when brewed as espresso, was perfectly smooth and sweet, classic in flavor, and left no bitterness or astringency. While certainly great as regular, brewed coffee, this espresso companion is meant to be pleasant and smooth espresso-focused coffee, be it just as straight espresso or as the base of a milk drink.

We roast the Ember Espresso blend to 422F (as read on our roaster), making this a blend that is on the lighter-side of a medium roast.

This blend is meant to be an "omni-roast," meaning it does well with all brew methods. If you are looking for a classic coffee that is a killer espresso, then this is the perfect option. This is our signature espresso blend, so we do not offer exclusive private labeling. We do, however, allow for custom labeling with the inclusion of our logo, name, website, and blend name in a noticeable location on the packaging.

This Blend, as well as other blends, can be found here!


Honeybee Blend

Flavors to expect: Blueberry, Tropical Fruits, Mellow Florals, Milk Chocolate, Honey, Cinnamon

The Honeybee Blend is one designed to showcase three things: milk chocolates, fruity highlights, and a sweet mouthfeel. When developing this coffee, we settled on a ratio that had a great cinnamon aroma and start, a balanced, mellow fruitiness that doesn’t overwhelm the palette in the middle of sip, followed by a deep, milk-chocolate sweetness.

Often, brighter coffees are striking in their flavors, making them outright delicious, but a bit difficult to have in larger quantities. This blend was built to preserve some of those striking flavors, but mellow them out to make them just as enjoyable at the bottom of the cup as they are at the top. If you’re looking for a daily drinker that still preserves some unique origin features, this a great coffee for you.

While this was designed to be an omni-roast (good at all brew methods), it does particularly well in pour-over, immersion, and batch brewers, while being a fairly tame and smooth espresso.

This coffee is our premiere pour-over and drip blend. It is designed to be classic in flavor with hints of unique acidity at the end of the sip. We wanted this blend to be a wonderful liaison between exotic, specialty coffees and classic, specialty coffees, with its flavors leaning more towards classic cocoa and honey notes. This is our signature pour-over and drip blend, so we do not offer exclusive private labeling. We do, however, allow for custom labeling with the inclusion of our logo, name, website, and blend name in a noticeable location on the packaging.

 Single Origins and Custom Blends


Flavors to Expect: Blueberry and/or Strawberry, Light Florals, Cane Sugar.

Ethiopian coffees are known for their uniquely fruity or floral characteristics. Most of the Ethiopian coffees we stock here at Myth & Ember are fruit focused, and often will have strong notes of either Strawberry or Blueberry. Typically, these coffees are some of our lightest roasts, and will have great fruit notes and sweetness. These flavors are carried along by a light body, making the unique flavors of the origin distinct and very noticeable. This coffee shines as a pour-over, immersion brew, and also makes for a wild espresso.

This origin, as well as other single origin coffees, can be found here!


Costa Rica

Flavors to Expect: Tropical Fruit, Crisp Clarity, Complex Body

Costa Rica is known for fantastically complex tropical fruit notes from Strawberry to Raspberry to Hibiscus to Citrus and so on. While sometimes these fruit notes like to mix, they are extremely enjoyable. Costa Rica also has a unique smoothness to their coffees, and a complex body that makes this a wildly enjoyable cup. This coffee shines particularly well as a pour-over.

As a note, this is not our Costa Rica Jaguar Honey, which is a unique coffee from Costa Rica that is more known for flavors of caramel and honey, with the fruit notes being largely subdued.



Flavors to Expect: Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Full & Earthy Body

Sumatra is known for producing coffees that are uniquely earthy and full bodied while maintaining a unique, brown and powdered sugar sweetness. If you are looking for the classic notes of a dark roast coffee with the sweetness and smoothness of a light roast, then Sumatra is truly spectacular. This coffee does great as an espresso or brewed.


Flavors to Expect: Milk & Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit Sweetness, Smooth & Full Bodied

Brazil produces some of the most "classic" tasting coffees in the world. The emphasis on cocoa notes makes it exceptional as a wonderful cup without overwhelming the palate with acidity. When you think of a great cup of classic coffee, Brazilian coffees are the epitome. Further, due to the topography of brazil, they are one of the most abundant coffees on the planet, making them very reasonably priced and easy to keep stocked. They serve as a wonderful blend base.


Flavors to Expect: Caramel, Cocoa, Citrus, Cane Sugar Sweetness.

Understanding Colombian coffees is best done in comparison to Brazilian coffees. While Brazilian coffees are heavy in cocoa and body, Colombian coffees are much more like milk chocolate and smooth. They showcase as being naturally smooth and somewhat sweet, making them a great blend candidate. Their more complex acidity often leads to citrus notes, so they do great on their own or in highlighting some of the fruitier flavors in blends.


Flavors to Expect: Milk Chocolate, Extreme Smoothness, Toasted Sugar, Hints of Grape and other Dark Fruits.

Honduran coffees are a bit of a party trick in their ability to "wow" a person with their smoothness. They often coat the mouth with wonderful chocolate and toasted sugar notes, and go down without a trace of bitterness. While sometimes the punchiness of some roasted cocoa is desirable, Honduran coffees provide one of the most enjoyable drinking experiences we've had. This is a stellar blend component, taming even the wildest of coffees, leading to an overall balanced cup.

Blend Crafting

When we create a blend, we first envision what we want out of the final cup. Is the goal to be hyper-unique, or to be classic? Do we want florals or fruits or sugars or any other unique notes? What level of roast? Do we want to preserve the complex flavors, or tame them and turn them into a sweeter cup? All of these factors (and more) must be considered.

Blends allow you to get the "best" from every coffee used, and synthesize them into a coherent cup. While you may have a "blueberry bomb" coffee that is a bit too strong with its acidity, by mixing it with a "chocolate milk" coffee, you can get a chocolate and fruit hybrid that is balanced and smooth.

We want to help you craft your own signature blend, and tailor coffee to your own occasion. Typically, a blend will consist of ~50% of a smooth base, such as Brazil, Honduran, Sumatran, or Colombian, then the remaining 50% can be tweaked and adjusted for the desired result. Thankfully, we have access to coffees across the globe, and can tailor a blend to your exact flavor specifications.

It should be noted that we are aiming for a flavor profile, not a coffee combination. What constitutes a blend will naturally have to change as crops come and go and coffees disappear from the shelves. However, we can always be adjusting and tweaking and utilizing new coffees to reach similar end results, making blends a wonderful and stable option with only minor variability throughout the year.

If you would like a custom blend, please contact us, and we can talk about crafting one for you, with your input, and selling it wholesale.