About the Roaster.

My name is Bryce Himmelreich. Myth & Ember has been a passion project of mine that started many years ago, but now is sprouting into a real endeavor. When I started roasting coffee, I never dreamed that it would take me here, but it certainly has.

I am quite blessed to be in this position. I truly believe that God has placed me here, and whether this roastery fails or succeeds, great things will come from it. I’ve been studying at Dallas Theological Seminary for a little under a year now, and the life of a Seminary student has given me the time and opportunity to pursue this.

I would love to see you fall in love with coffee the same way I have. I personally find the taste great, but more than that is the ethos it creates. I have had some of the most life-giving conversations over great cups of coffee, and I hope to share that sentiment with everyone here.

One thing that I’ve really wrestled with is “when is the right time?” Unfortunately, I have found that there is never a “right time.” In a lot of ways, this is a step into the unknown for me. While I have put several hundred hours into researching coffee, roasting coffee, and made who-knows-how-many cups, it’s hard to ever truly feel ready to undertake something like this. There’s so much red tape and nitty details that are easy to overlook, so this has involved many 2 a.m. nights and restless mornings.

Despite this, I really hope to do all of this right. I hope to deal honestly and transparently with all of you, and I ask that you extend to me the courtesy of believing this. This is not a ploy to get rich, but instead came from the constant encouragement of my friends and family to consider opening up a roastery. I am hoping to have an honest little roastery that will leave you happy and with excellent coffee and will help me continue my pursuit of Seminary and ministry. I have done everything I can to get the highest quality coffee I can, roast it with as much care and skill as I can manage, and deliver it to you at the most honest price possible.

I would love all of your support in this as well as your honest feedback. I believe encouragement and criticism alike are needed to grow as a person, and as a roaster. If you have any questions or concerns about your coffee, or are interested in hearing more about my thoughts on faith and life, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to work with you.