A Greater, Faith-Based Ecosystem.

In short...

Myth & Ember is the cornerstone to a grand vision of establishing a faith-based ecosystem for social change, where we disciple community leaders, partner with local non-profits to help the downtrodden, and provide a space for growth and honest conversation, all built on one excellent cup of coffee at a time.

A bit more about that...

The goal for Myth & Ember is not just to make excellent coffee, but to also bring about change in our community. The hope is to utilize great coffee as a launching pad for a greater purpose. Our hope is to inspire social change and help develop people into community leaders. The goal of our excellent coffee is to produce excellent people.

Though our roastery is just opening up, there is a vision we are chasing. Years ago, I dreamed of a coffee shop that would have a three-fold purpose for social change: forming community leaders, serve as a teaching ground for social change, and act as a safe space to openly discuss truth. Our roastery is the hub to make all of that happen.

Our vision is to open up multiple shops and have the staffing serve as a discipleship program, where we help people understand what Christianity truly teaches and help people pursue lives of purpose rather than lives of comfort. The hope is to train staffers up to become community leaders, have our shops serve as a place where our partner programs can teach and serve the community for free, and have an ethos of great conversation and pursuit of truth, as we believe that these are needed for a better community.

The hope for Myth & Ember is not to just be a coffee shop, but instead the cornerstone to a grander, faith-based ecosystem of change. If you are wanting to support us, we can promise you some of the best coffees in the world along with a program that is striving to create an ecosystem of outreach and discipleship.